Msc virtuosa southampton? (2023)

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What capacity is MSC Virtuosa sailing at?

Accommodating over 6,000 passengers, MSC Virtuosa matches her sister, MSC Grandiosa, in size in the MSC Cruises fleet. This groundbreaking ship will play host to the most exclusive performance at sea, Cirque du Soliel @ Sea!

Can you wear jeans on MSC cruise?

Written Restrictions and Jeans: After 6 p.m., jeans, T-shirts and shorts are not permitted in the ships' public areas. No swimwear is allowed in main dining rooms. Jeans are allowed on casual resort wear nights, as long as they aren't torn or ripped.

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Is there free ice cream on MSC Virtuosa?

One last food gripe: A highlight of every family cruise I've been on is the free soft-serve ice cream on the pool deck. Your kids should be able to get themselves cones when it's hot outside. It's the quintessential vacation experience.

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Where is the ship MSC Virtuosa now?

The current position of MSC VIRTUOSA is at North Sea reported 2 mins ago by AIS. The vessel MSC VIRTUOSA (IMO: 9803625, MMSI 215610000) is a Passenger (Cruise) Ship built in 2021 (2 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Malta.

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Are cruise ships at 100% capacity?

“The cruise lines have all their ships sailing with no capacity restrictions.

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Are cruise ships allowed full capacity?

Most cruise lines are now operating at full capacity, with the age of Covid restrictions in the rear view mirror. But questions remain.

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Do you still have to wear a mask on MSC Cruises?

The wearing of face masks is highly recommended. In certain circumstances this recommendation might be due to a mandatory requirement in accordance with applicable health authorities regulations of a country or port of call visited.

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What drinks are free on MSC?

  • Wide choice of alcohol-free cocktails.
  • Sodas.
  • Energy drinks.
  • Mineral water.
  • Flavored water.
  • Fruit juices.
  • Coffee drinks (latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc.)
  • Soft drinks.

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Is bottled water free on MSC Cruises?

Tap water is available free of charge on MSC Cruises. Bottled water costs £2.50 for a 500ml bottle. This equates to approximately €2.90 or $3.50. Bottled water is free if you have a drinks package.

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What time does MSC Virtuosa arrive in Southampton?

Cruise Ship Schedule 2022
Ship NameArrival TimeBerth
MSC VIRTUOSA10-Feb-23 06:30102
IONA11-Feb-23 05:1546
VENTURA11-Feb-23 05:30106
BOLETTE11-Feb-23 06:15102
80 more rows

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Is MSC owned by Carnival?

Is MSC owned by Carnival? Carnival does not own MSC Cruises. While The Carnival Corporation owns several brands such as Princess Cruises and Holland Americal Line, MSC Cruises is privately owned by an Italian family.

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Are MSC Cruises sailing in USA?

MSC Cruises will sail new ship, World America from the US in 2025. MSC Cruises will add a new ship to its U.S.-based fleet. MSC World America is set to debut in the summer of 2025, the cruise line announced.

Msc virtuosa southampton? (2023)
Are cruise ships still sailing at reduced capacity?

The cruise lines have all their ships sailing with no capacity restrictions.

How do you know if your cruise is fully booked?

Your best bet is to go to one of the on-line sites ( is excellent) and try to make a reservation for your cruise. You'll see the availability (or non-availability) of accommodations in every category, stateroom by stateroom. If your sail date isn't listed, it's a sellout.

How full does a cruise ship need to be to break even?

30%-50% occupancy to break even per ship

Generally, the break-even occupancy for any Carnival ship is in the 30% to 50% range, depending its size, according to CFO David Bernstein.

Do you need a Covid test on MSC Cruises?

For guests who are fully vaccinated, testing is recommended (within 3 days of embarkation before boarding) but not required (with proof of vaccination), per our vaccination requirements. Unvaccinated guests must show proof of a lab-administered negative COVID-19 viral test (NAAT or antigen).

What is the dress code on MSC ships?

MSC Cruises

Overall: Resort casual. Recommended for Women: Tailored pants, nice shorts, skirts and dresses. For Gala Nights (always optional), gowns, cocktail dresses or elegant pantsuits. Recommended for Men: Tailored pants, nice shorts and collared shirts.

Do you have to be double vaccinated to go on a cruise?

completing a course of COVID-19 vaccination (including having a booster dose) at least 14 days before going on a cruise. The company you are travelling with, or the countries you are travelling to, may require this.

Can you bring your own sodas on MSC cruise?

11.7 In order to ensure safety and security standards, it is strictly forbidden to bring food and beverage onboard the vVessels. In compliance with this/her regulation and in order to guarantee the above standards, during embarkation a careful check control will be carried out through all passengers luggage.

Does MSC serve Coke or Pepsi?

Cunard and P&O are the only mainstream cruise line that actually gives you the choice of Pepsi or Coke. What you will find on MSC seems to vary from one ship to another, they do not appear to be contracted to one particular brand, and they will serve whichever drink they are able to get at the best price.

Does MSC drink package include gratuity?

Yes. All MSC Cruises' pre-paid drink packages include gratuities.

Is ice cream free on a cruise?

Soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines are usually free of charge at the buffet or pool deck. Food That Costs a Fee on Cruises: Cruise ship food that costs extra can be found at an abundance of alternative restaurants. Cover charges for these eateries range depending on the cruise line and ship.

Do cruises have free ice cream?

No More 24/7 Ice Cream

The cruise line says that it is also trying to limit food waste, and in that vein it will no longer offer complimentary self-serve ice cream 24/7 on the ship.

Do MSC provide pool towels?

Beach towels are available in the cabins. These should be returned in cabins after use. Unreturned pool towels may be charged to the on-board accounts of guests.. The Exclusive Solarium on the top deck of each ship offers a private enclave of relaxation.

Do cruise ships wait if you are late?

First of all, the ship will NOT wait for you if you are late. However, if you are on a sponsored excursion booked through the cruise line and are late coming back, the ship will wait. Excursions booked through a 3rd party normally always allow for extra time so you won't miss the ship.

Which cruise terminal does MSC Virtuosa use in Southampton?

MSC Cruises sails from the Horizon Terminal in Southampton, located at Dock Gate 10 located off West Quay Road.

What time is breakfast on MSC Cruises?

There are no fixed dining times for breakfast or lunch. Guests are able to eat in the main dining room whenever it is open for breakfast or lunch. Menus can be viewed in advance on the MSC app.

Are MSC Cruises luxury?

The epitome of elegance and luxury at sea, the MSC Yacht Club offers a cruise experience like no other. Access to the wide range of facilities and onboard activities that the whole ship can offer: Bars and lounges, speciality restaurants, pools, etc.

Is MSC a party cruise?

Every MSC cruise offers themed nights on board, including White Parties, Elegant Nights, Flower Party and more! Guests are encouraged to bring outfits that go with each of the themed nights.

What is special about MSC Cruises?

We offer an enriching, immersive and safe cruise experience, where you can enjoy international dining, world-class entertainment, award-winning family programmes and the latest user-friendly technology on board. With our cruises you can decide where to go and for how long.

Are MSC Cruises being Cancelled for 2022?

MSC Cruises cancels 2022 World Cruise, will double up in 2023 instead. MSC Cruises has cancelled its 2022 World Cruise aboard MSC Poesia, citing an ongoing patchwork of COVID-19 restrictions at different ports of call around the world that make the voyage unfeasible.

What capacity is MSC sailing at 2022?

MSC Cruises' ships range in size from 248 metres long to 333 metres long. Each ship can accommodate between 2,520 and 6,762 passengers over 13 to 21 decks.

What is the salary of MSC Cruises jobs?

The average Msc Cruises salary ranges from approximately ₹1.6 Lakhs per year for a Steward to ₹20.7 Lakhs per year for a Restaurant Manager. Salary estimates are based on 260 Msc Cruises salaries received from various employees of Msc Cruises.

Is Royal Caribbean sailing at full capacity in 2022?

RCI-Royal Caribbean cruise ships to be back to full capacity by summer 2022. The cruise shipping industry is slowly moving back towards normal numbers by getting more ships back into service and more guests onboard. Full capacity is expected to return this summer.

How many people are on the MSC Virtuosa?

6,300 passengers

Is MSC Virtuosa the biggest ship?

This new cruise ship is one of the two largest in MSC Cruises' fleet, along with her sister ship MSC Grandiosa, boasting an impressive array of guest features all coming together in perfect harmony to deliver the ultimate cruise holiday experience.

What is the average age for MSC Cruises?

MSC Cruises

Average age is 50 and older.

Do you still have to wear masks on MSC Cruises?

The wearing of face masks is highly recommended. In certain circumstances this recommendation might be due to a mandatory requirement in accordance with applicable health authorities regulations of a country or port of call visited.

Can you opt out of gratuities on MSC?

Service Charge / Gratuities are included in the cruise fare. Since adding in the cost of gratuities to the cruise fare it is no longer possible to remove this portion.

Are Royal Caribbean ships at 100% capacity?

The company has returned its entire fleet to service and has slowly built back to sailing its ships at full capacity.

Is Royal Caribbean reducing capacity?

The days of Royal Caribbean cruise ships sailing at reduced capacity are limited. It's no secret that the cruise industry is moving back towards normalcy with getting more ships back into service and more passengers onboard.

How strict is Royal Caribbean dress code?

There can be 1 to 4 formal nights during a sailing and is at the ship's discretion. Our Chef's Table dining experience also enforces a formal dress code policy. Bare feet are not allowed at any time in any venue and tank tops are not permitted in the Main Dining Room or Specialty Dining venues for dinner.

Is there a nightclub on MSC Virtuosa?

Party with friends, enjoy a nightcap or simply dance into the small hours at the stylish onboard nightclub.

What is the number 1 cruise ship?

Norwegian Prima is the winner for the best new cruise ship of 2022 in the Ocean category.

What is the number 1 cruise line?

The best cruise lines in the world 2022
  • Norwegian Cruise Line. Score 78.98. MSC Cruises. ...
  • Royal Caribbean International. Score 72.49. Carnival Cruise Line. ...
  • P&O Cruises. Score 76.61. Azamara. ...
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Score 76.63. Star Clippers. ...
  • Grand Circle Cruise Line. Score 89.47. ...
  • Atlas Ocean Voyages. Score 88.78.
Oct 4, 2022

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