Zeke vs levi? (2023)

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Who won Zeke or Levi?

Needless to say, Levi attacks and beheads Zeke with one swift strike. With Levi killing Zeke, Attack on Titan finally settles the score between the two.

(Video) Levi Destroys Zeke (Beast Titan) !! Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 17 ENG SUB HD
(Berzik Anime)
Can Zeke ever beat Levi?

2 LEVI COULD DEFEAT: Zeke Eventually Fell To Levi

Zeke, the inheritor of the Beast Titan, is Levi's greatest enemy. The two have fought in many epic battles throughout the series and are very close in strength. In their first battle, Levi hesitated to kill Zeke, allowing him to get away when Pieck saved him.

(Video) Levi vs Zeke Round 3 | Levi Kills His Comrades | AoT season 4 ep 14
How did Zeke beat Levi?

However, Zeke was able to trick the soldiers into drink his spinal fluid and turned them all into titans when the moment was right. Levi had to kill his former comrades and fought Zeke after. While it seemed that Levi won the fight, Zeke was able to injure humanity's strongest soldier and got away.

(Video) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 - Levi vs Zeke Round 2 (Full Fight) [HD]
Was Zeke afraid of Levi?

Zeke Yeager is very familiar with what Levi is capable of and therefore warns his Warrior Unit of what the captain is capable of. But that doesn't stop Levi -- or Mikasa, the other Ackerman on the field of combat. Zeke only really seems to fear Levi, but Mikasa is just as deadly as her distant relative.

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Is Levi stronger than Beast Titan?

1 Levi Single-Handedly Defeated The Beast Titan — Twice

He makes his way behind the Beast Titan and quickly overpowers the hulking creature, forcing Zeke out and taking him prisoner.

(Video) Levi VS Zeke Round 2 (AoT Season 4)
Who kills Zeke Titan?

Realizing that he has no time to harden his nape, Zeke tries to use his hand to shield it, but it is immediately cut to pieces as well. As Levi begins to cut open his nape, Zeke emerges from his Titan, trying to use the steam emitted to blind Levi but is immediately skewered through his mouth by the captain.

(Video) Levi vs Kenny Squad - (Full Fight) HD
Who kills Reiner?

He is brutally damaged and knocked down to the ground. After witnessing the tragedy of Falco turning into a Titan at the sound of Zeke's scream, Reiner stays put as Titan form Falco attacks the nape of his neck.

(Video) || Attack On Titan || - Eren and Zeke VS Reiner, Porco and Pieck || FULL FIGHT ||
How many Titan kills Levi has?

In the anime: Levi has the highest Titan kill count with a rumoured 200 kills, and at least forty on screen kills.

(Video) Levi vs Beast Titan [English Dub] - Attack on Titan Season 3
Who does Levi fear?

Levi was one of the few characters never to have been intimidated by any of these goliaths even early into his career under the watch of Erwin Smith. Instead, his only fear is of the potential loss of his comrades, especially in his first missions.

(Video) Zeke-Levi Explosion Scene (from Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14-15)
(Wiro Waras)
Who eats Zeke AOT?

Zeke Yeager is dead. He was devoured by Eren, and his power now belong to Eren.

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(Anime luna II)

Is Zeke Yeager weak?

Despite his freakish strength and formidable ranged attacks, Zeke Yeager is not the most deadly character in the Attack on Titan series. Zeke Yeager was the Beast Titan and arguably the strongest Marleyan infiltrator for the first three seasons of Attack On Titan.

(Video) Beast Titan was Scared to See Levi's Power | Levi vs Beast Titan vs Armin vs Colossal Titan
(Levi Fan)
Can Levi beat colossal titan?

titans levi can take on each titan at a time except colossal titan because of unique steam release ability that grants extreme heated steam can kill human if stays for too long.

Zeke vs levi? (2023)
Did Mikasa surpass Levi?

From the moment Mikasa graduated the 104th Cadet Corps, soldiers all around Paradis knew how strong she was, and by the end of the manga, she surpassed Levi's strength.

Can Eren beat Levi in human form?

Could Eren beat Levi in a fight? Not only does Levi have more experience in the field, but he's also just a better fighter overall. Without his ability to transform into a Titan on command, Eren wouldn't stand a chance against Levi.

Has Levi ever lost a fight?

Levi has dealt with many incredibly painful losses throughout the series. From his mother to his closest friends and entire squad, including both Erwin and Hange, there's no doubt that Levi has suffered more loss than most.

Who is Levi's biggest enemy?

Zeke Yeager, Eren's brother and the Beast Titan, is probably Levi's greatest adversary. They first meet during the Beast Titan's first appearance. Using his strength, Zeke hurls a clump of stones towards the military.

Is Levi too op?

Levi is too overpowered | Fandom. Up to season 4 of the show and Levi has only taken 1 hit in the whole series and that was a scratch by his teacher Kenny Ackerman. He's demolished literally ever other enemy he's faced regardless of numbers.

Who is stronger Mikasa or Annie?

No, the reason Annie wins is because she has far more skill than Mikasa does. Mikasa has some slightly more power than the average human, but that means nothing when Annie has more experience and better moves.

Is Levi more powerful than Mikasa?

During her training days, Mikasa was the strongest soldier in the 104th Cadet Corps so a lot of soldiers already knew about her by the time she graduated. By the end of the manga, she even surpassed Levi as the strongest character from Paradis.

Is Levi the strongest human in anime?

Levi Ackerman is considered to be the strongest character by many fans of Attack on Titan. He was known as humanity's strongest soldier at the beginning of the series and is as powerful as titan shifters despite not having any titan abilities himself.

Who kills female Titan?

Levi managed to incapacitate the Female Titan, but at a crucial moment, the Female Titan summoned more Titans to come to her aid. As the horde of Titans joined, Levi impressively killed them instantly.

What were Zeke's last words?

Xaver!" Zeke Yeager Even though he doesn't stay dead for long after that. "I pledged my heart and soul, just like you. I followed in your footsteps as best I could and gave my life to the cause." Louise, who is dying from a piece of shrapnel in her stomach and says this line to Mikasa the last time they speak.

Who betrayed Zeke?

Eren - Wikipedia

To put it simply, Eren betrayed Zeke because he is not in support of their plans to euthanise every Eldian on the planet until the end of time.

Who kills the colossal Titan?

Eren attempts to strike at the Colossal Titan's nape, but Bertholdt makes use of his steam emission control and prevents Eren from getting close. As Eren fights against Bertholdt's steam and comes in for the killing blow, the Colossal Titan vanishes instantaneously.

What are the 9 Titans?

Nine Titans
  • Height. 4 - 60 m.
  • Abilities. Various.
  • Current inheritor(s) None.
  • Former inheritor(s) Pieck Finger (Cart) Reiner Braun (Armor) Annie Leonhart (Female) Eren Yeager (Attack, Founder, War Hammer) Armin Arlert (Colossus) Falco Grice (Jaw) Zeke Yeager (Beast)
  • Allegiance. Eldia. Marley.

What Titan is Ymir?

Ymir was able to transform herself into the Jaw Titan (顎の巨人 Agito no Kyojin?), a 5-meter Titan. She gained this ability after she ate Marcel Galliard, a Warrior from Marley, in the year 845.

Who kills are most in AOT?

In the anime: Levi has the highest Titan kill count with a rumoured 200 kills, and at least forty on screen kills.

How many kills does Eren Jaeger have?

How many kill does Eren have? Eren Jaeger, He has killed over 1.6 billion people, that's 80% of the population in Attack On Titan.

How many ODM kills does Mikasa have?

Mikasa's sixteen kills are performed in the most extraordinary manner, simultaneously stunning observers and obtaining their adulation. She has been responsible for five human deaths, four of whom are from the Anti-Personnel Control Squad.

Who had crush on Levi?

Not only was Petra devoted to Captain Levi but he also hand-picked her to be in his special operations squad. Another point that showcased their potential was how her death seemed to affect the cool captain as it's later implied that Petra had feelings for him, making their pairing a tragic one.

Who is Levi's love?

Its confirmed by Isayama that Levi had no love interest in the manga/anime. He never loved Petra nor was he gonna get engaged to her.

Who did Levi fall in love?

The truth is that the closest person Levi ever had was Erwin. It's officialy said many times that they were soulmates, both saw each other as equals, and Levi loved Erwin.

Was Zeke eaten by Falco?

This form of Falco is actually a hybrid form of Beast Titan and Jaw Titan when Falco at first accidentally consumed Zeke Yeager's (who is the current Beast Titan) spinal fluid, then subsequently devoured Porco Galliard who was the owner of Jaw Titan (Porco sacrificed himself to bring Falco back to his sanity and to ...

Is Zeke the good guy?

Zeke Yeager, otherwise known as the Beast Titan or just The Beast, is the main antagonist of the Attack on Titan series. He is the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, who had him join the Marleyan military for their own agenda.

Who put Zeke in her stomach?

This is when an Abnormal Titan comes along to take Zeke into its body. Given that the other Titans on Paradis were destroyed years ago, this creature must be a wanderer from the forest - one of Levi's former soldiers transformed by drinking spinal fluid.

Who would win Eren or Zeke?

Zeke is more powerful than Eren while Eren is stronger than Zeke. Zeke has a royal blood while Eren doesn't. Zeke can turn humans into pure titans and he can control them since he has a royal blood while Eren currently holds three titan powers.

Why is Zeke so powerful?

Zeke Yeager's abilities

Zeke Yeager's Beast Titan had several unique abilities that no other known Beast Titan had, thanks to his royal blood and throwing experience. The nature of its power was similar to that of the Founding Titan.

Can Reiner beat Zeke?

7 WOULD LOSE TO: Zeke Has Beaten Reiner Before

There have also been times where the Survey Corps was a huge threat to Reiner, even after he joined them, while Zeke was able to kill most of the soldiers when he first met them.

Who defeats Levi?

It seemed that humanity's strongest soldier had defeated the Beast Titan, but Zeke had one last trick up his sleeve. He attacked Levi, causing the captain of the Survey Corps to be permanently injured. Levi lost a couple of fingers, had scars on his face, and even ended up in a wheelchair by the end of the manga.

What episode does Levi beat Zeke?

Their memorable fight back in Season 3, Episode 54 "Hero" never left Zeke's mind, or ours. It was an epic clash between a fearsome Titan and the single most powerful human on Paradis, Levi.

Does Zeke escape from Levi?

Attack on Titan season 4, part 1 ended with a fatally-wounded Zeke missing the majority of his body, only for a rogue Titan to appear, rip itself open, and place Zeke inside its stomach. In Attack on Titan season 4, part 2's premiere, Zeke miraculously emerges from the Titan completely healed and raring to go.

Who kills Zeke?

As Levi begins to cut open his nape, Zeke emerges from his Titan, trying to use the steam emitted to blind Levi but is immediately skewered through his mouth by the captain.

Who kills Beast Titan?

What happens to beast Titan? With few words, Levi sees him and instantly zips to where Zeke is and kills him. With this action, Levi has finally killed the Beast Titan and fulfilled his final vow to Erwin.

Who defeated the Beast Titan?

The Beast Titan's bombardment strikes and kills all the charging soldiers, except for one. However, in Zeke's distraction, Levi successfully ambushes the Beast Titan, completely dismembering it with no time for Zeke to plan a defense.

How long did Levi vs Beast Titan take?

Arifumi Imai answers how long it took for him to make the Levi vs Beast Titan scene. 1 month - Storyboard 3 months - Draw twitter.com/ariariariari_/…

What episode does Levi explode?

Season 4, Episode 17, "Judgment," opened on the aftermath of this bloody disaster as Hange, currently Floch's prisoner, happened upon Levi's body and declared him dead.

What episode does Eren get beat up by Levi?

Can't Look into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1

Will Levi be able to fight again?

Even at the end of the manga, Levi is still alive, though he is no longer in any condition to fight as he is now in a wheelchair and lost a couple of his fingers, making it harder for him to hold a weapon. Rather than being a fighter, Levi now spends his time with Gabi, Falco, and Onyankopon.

Can Levi walk again?

Levi contributes as much as anyone else on the battlefield, even eventually killing Zeke during the fight. Unfortunately, the series' ending shows him confined to a wheelchair for (presumably) the rest of his life.

Does Zeke still care about Eren?

Zeke and Eren's relationship is mostly perceived as positive, given Zeke deeply cares about his younger brother. However some might find Eren's manipulation a little audacious, even though Zeke didn't trust him fully and completely, still, Zeke wanted to genuinely save Eren in his own way from his doomed fate.

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